About Bacchus:

The building in which Bacchus is housed was a general store and residence in the late 1800’s for the LeFevre family, who were descendants of the founders of our fair village of New Paltz. It has at various times since then been a Chinese laundry, litho shop, taxi station, barber shop (the original barber chair resides in our third floor office), a cafe, a porno photography studio, and finally a restaurant & bar.

Bacchus was conceived by a longhair in need of a partner who would allow him six months off per year and the necessary 50% of the funding, which amounted to the sum of $1,900.00. In the early fall of 1973, this Laurel and Hardy team began work by gutting and replacing all the amenities. It was completed in April of 1974. They opened a neighborhood tavern and agreed to name the place after the Roman God of wine, women and song. That was perhaps the last thing they agreed upon. The partnership ended shortly after. It is rumored that the original owner is still involved.