Cancellation Policy

We understand that in certain circumstances, your Beer Tour or other adventure/combination tour will need to be cancelled or postponed.  As all transportation, food, staff, and all other elements of your trip need to be coordinated to perfection well ahead of time, and do to the high popularity of our tours, we must utilize the following cancellation policy.  Please understand that we are charged a non-refundable fee when reserving all transportation options for your event, which must be covered if your cancellation occurs under a certain amount of time.  ( see below) Also, by attending a Little Beer Bus or Hudson Valley Beer Trail adventure tour or other combination tour, you agree to accept the following cancellation policy.

Cancellations within 14 days and under within tour date:  If a trip is cancelled within 14 days and under prior to your tour, the entire deposit is non-refundable and will not be returned for any reason whether you paid via your credit card or a personal check. It is non-refundable.  Please note:  Limousine companies require 3 weeks (21 days) advance notice to receive your deposit back and buses are the 14 days

Tour No Shows – Private Parties: If you have no shows on your party the day of the tour, the person whose credit card we are holding, will be charged automatically and immediately or they will have to be paid for.  If you/or the guest already paid, you will not be refunded.  Please understand your party will have a set negotiated rate based on the amount of people you have on your bus or in your limousine, car etc at the time of booking. We then put deposits down on your vehicle, order your food in advance, pay for private room rentals for lunch and tastings at the breweries, hire staff in advance, and have private deposits on everything for your group to ensure a great experience and event for your party so please understand.  We are firm on this.

Note:  If you are booking a private party such as a bachelor/birthday/bachelorette etc, it is good for the planner to start collecting checks from everyone well in advance via mail and pay the tour guide the day of the tour in full, (cash or credit card) OR you can also pay via check ONLY IF we get the check a few days before the tour so it clears the day before you tour. Collecting in advance is good so there are no issues with “no shows” or fear of last minute cancellations from your guests thus changing your agreed upon rate per head to a higher rate or being charged for no shows.  Otherwise everyone pays the day of the tour cash or credit card at the first stop to the tour guide.

What if I, or a guest misses the Bus? There is no refund if you or  anyone else misses the bus, so please make sure you, and your entire party  plan to show up approx. 30 minutes early to avoid traffic, subway, weather delays, childcare issues, and other.

Firm Addendum For Fall & High/Peak Season Tours Only (Entire Months of May, June, September, October & November):  If you cancel any tour booked with us at all, (bus, limousine, towncar, suv, other) for any reason at all, your deposit will not and cannot be refunded.  If you have already paid a deposit via your credit card or a personal check for any type of party or event or private party or tour during any of these peak months all deposits paid will not be refunded and are 100% non-refundable because we sell out and turn away business once the day is sold out in all of these peak months.  Fall foliage, harvest season, oktoberfest parties and more are very popular and we only accept so many tours each weekend and then we sell out. There are no exceptions at all, so please do not ask.

Credit Card Hold Notice: For all and any tours, if you are holding an entire party with your credit card, and a guest cancels, your rate may change depending how many people you have. You credit card will be charged the day of to cover the loss so it’s also best to have each person call and pay via phone with a credit card in advance if you think they may not show up or again, collect checks in advance and pay in full the day of.  We all have some friends who are notorious for sleeping in and missing the bus…. If this is a family party or good & close friends, it usually does not happen, but best to plan ahead and not let this happen.

The Little Beer Bus and The Hudson Valley Beer Trail reserves the right to cancel or re-route any tour due to acts of nature, weather, road conditions, insufficient number of participants or unforeseen circumstances that would hinder our ability to run a trip. If The Little Beer Bus is unable to provide you with another trip that is satisfactory, all moneys paid will be refunded and shall constitute full settlement with you. The Little Beer Bus is not responsible for any additional expenses that may be incurred by a guest in relation to a cancelled tour including costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellations, sickness and non-refundable air tickets and/or any penalties associated with such tickets.

We must adhere to our cancellation policy to protect our ability to run tours and to maintain our price structures. Please don’t ask us to make exceptions. We reserve the right to change our rules and policies at anytime for any reason. 

We thank you for understanding and adhering to our policies and we thank you for your business.

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